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Natural herbs Vitiligo Cure Testimonials

Users of Vitiligo Cure send us a hundreds of e-mails daily and leave their comments about our product & service. some of those we are going to share with you.

My Eight year old daughter was suffered from Vitiligo. We have tried many different remedies over the years and even steroid cream – but nothing seemed to improve her white skin. I even contacted the Vitiligo society here in the USA but they were unable to offer and real help. We were unable to do somthing for our daughter. Her whole trunk area, arms and legs, filled through white patches. Her skin was a mess and it was very upsetting – especially for my daughter who began to feel very self conscious. She was also extremely uncomfortable. The doctor was little help and said that vitiligo would eventually go but it could take up to two years. I was Searching for Vitiligo on Google and i saw your website. i got a lot of knowledge about vitiligo and thought to try this product. I ordered Vitiligo Cure from you and began to use it about 8 weeks ago. I have to confess I had little faith in either oil working but to my absolute amazement, the Vitiligo began to closes up after a few weeks. The conditions have now entirely cleared up. My daughter is delighted. We will keep a permanent supply of the Vitiligo Cure oil in the house because it really does work – and it is fantastic. As for the Vitiligo, I am hoping it will not come back.

Sue Sylvester | Slough, England

While persistently trying treating Vitiligo that I had since I was 14, I was going through yet another spot of bad luck with my facial skin. Even in the age of 26, I was still having Vitiligo and just like the ones I had in my teen age days. Very recently, a few weeks back, a saw more white patches on my nose and cheek. Words can't explain the agony I felt seeing this happening again and again. Not wasting much time I tried a variety of creams and remedies for treating Vitiligo. Nothing seemed to work and the whiteness remained there. I hated the way I looked and wanted to just throw in the towel. And then one day, I thought to search the internet for some advice on treating Vitiligo by a better product. A few dermatology forums referred me to Vitiligo Cure. I thought to buy it and came to this site, Just a few weeks of application started showing the results. The whiteness diluted in the early weeks, Now i am able to face the world more confidently now.

Jenefer Winget  |  Elida Biss Califonia

I recently purchased some of your Natural Herbs Vitiligo Cure oil for my grandson who was suffering from Vitiligo on his legs. It had gotten white patches. My daughter received the bottle after I ordered it and immediately put it on him. In 3rd week it started fading. Thank you for your rushing the order so he could be more comfortable. What a wonderful product. It is good that you shipped me your product as fast as i ordered you.

Bella Thomas, Oslo, Norway.

I had tried many products in an effort to subdue my Vitiligo. Nothing I tried was working, including doctor prescribed topical ointments and steroid creams. We found Oils of Natural Herbs by accident. Their claims ring true. Within 2 -4 weeks of Vitiligo cure Oil applications, my vitiligo started to go away. Now I am going to relatively Vitiligo – free and only requires an application of your product's last course which I have been ordered you a couple of hours ago and just want to say please ship it to me fast as you have sent me last time. I really need it urgent because the last bottle which i am applying is about near to end.




Navarez Ulan, Pretoria, South Africa.



I suffered with Vitiligo on my legs, knees and elbows for 24 years. It was so bad, I didn't dare go swimming with my boys because people would look at my skin and get out of the pool. I have tried all sorts of products, home remedies and more expensive dermatologist prescriptions (usually steroids) to clear my skin, but they never helped heal the infected areas. One day I saw your advertisement link on google. I really come to know what is vitiligo and how I should treat it. Then I place an order of your trial pack. Within a usage of four weeks, I saw a difference. Then I ordered you  a complete course of your product. I am still using it and the patches are getting much smaller. I am now the happiest plumber in the valley! I am regularly using your oil to control my Vitiligo. Hope, soon I will go swimming with my boys.

Alyssa Mazaredo, Kaulalumpur, Malaysia.



It was so informative to talk to you on the telephone about the Vitiligo and your product, which you have developed. Thank you for sending me the e-mail about your Vitiligo cure product. Also I was pleased to receive the sample of Vitiligo cure oil which you advised me to use to treat the patches of Vitiligo which I have. As I explained to you, this small (approx 3cm diameter) area of Vitiligo has been present on my lower back for about 18 months. Having used the steroids for about 6 weeks in total I decided to stop all creams because they were showing no relief. This was a time when I read about Natural Herbs product on the internet and ordered 100ml of your oil. From the first few applications the white patches started going and my original skin color was coming back ! The affected area became pale brown in color and has over five weeks that I have been using Natural Herbs oil which has faded so that it is less visible now. Currently I have decreased the usage from three to two times a day. For me your product has had a remarkable affect. I have promoted its existence among my osteopathic colleagues at the clinics where I work as a massage therapist and I have also found that my chiropodist has shown great interest to hear about your other products also.

Christian Jhon Lubrino, Manila, Philippines.



Being a doctor myself, I had no hope that my daughter's vitiligo can be cured.  But after my great search for vitiligo on internet I came across this website, while taking in depth knowledge of not only medicine but also biochemistry helped him to understand exactly what is my daughter's condition actually. So, after a sound decision, I ordered a trial pack and seeing visible results on my daughter's skin. Her skin started gaining its original color. Now I'm going to order a complete package as per my daughter's requirement. I'm sure that your sincere and humble nature also helps all your patients to heal as early as possible. Hope your Vitiligo oil will get my daughter free of vitiligo fully.



Dr. Gary Owen, Sewell, New Jersey.

I suffered from Vitiligo for over 17 yrs now and a friend at the hospital where I work gave me your Vitiligo oil reference as her child was treated for Vitiligo and it worked magic on her.  I was reluctant but I can say that I am absolutely delighted with the treatment and it has cleared up my Vitiligo. I have sent photographs of the area's I had Vitiligo on before and after using your Vitiligo Oil. It has changed my life and I thank God for this blessing that I am now able to be free of Vitiligo thanks to Natural Herbs. I have recommended many people to Natural Herbs product from Ireland and hope they find the same success with their ailments.

Laura Knutti, Mount Caroll, Illinois.



Firstly, I would like to comment that your new website is very impressive and easy to use. I have been sharing herbal remedies (and your website) with many people. I hope they will discover, like my family and I, the wonders of  Natural Herbs cure! William is now 120cm and 24kg, very active, copes well in school and with his friends. But he inherited a little of Vitiligo on his feet from his father. As your medicine worked great for my husband, so I also decided to give my son your effective vitiligo treatment. Last month I ordered and received your package. Then I started applying your oil on his affected area regularly and within a month, I think he's doing so well and has come a long way with your medicines!

Trisha Anderson, Blanchardville, Wisconsin.



I am 21 years old and in the passed year, for some unknown reason, have began developing Vitiligo on different areas and broke my bank account trying to stop it. My skin is insanely sensitive and I was developing more white patches day by day. I was told- I couldn't do anything to stop the spreading of more patches. I found the Natural Herbs Vitiligo Cure online and thought, why not? The theory makes sense. And it's nice to see an almost all-natural product on the market because, more than anything, my skin is too sensitive to take the chemicals in other treatments. As soon I started using it, Instantly my skin was softer and smoother and after 3 months of use, the spreading of white patches have completely stopped and the existing patches have faded considerably. My skin feels great and I feel great about it! 2 days before I have ordered more oil, And I feel confident buying online, the customer service has been wonderful. Thanks a million!

Michelle Doran, Valentine, Australia.

I have only been using your product for a short time for Vitiligo however, my skin is definitely getting clear of patches. I am very anxious to continue use and see if your product helps my white patches getting disappeared soon. I have used many products including prescription topical medications! and none have given me such results as your Vitiligo Oil. So, please suggest me a complete package suitable for my skin situation. Thanks for your consideration !

Jean Ianniti. Rhode Island, US

I never had Vitiligo all my life but upon my 30th birthday I started to see some white patches around my mouth area. After trying everything I didn't found anything seriously working for me. I even went to the Dermatologist but it was useless. I came across this product by accident some day while browsing on the internet. I ordered it and after 3rd week, I saw the difference that my Vitiligo patches started to disappear. I quit using every other Vitiligo medication which I was using before. Now I have been using this oil for 5 months and I noticed a remarkable difference. My mouth area is clear and smooth. All patches are nearly going to fade. I will be using this product for my remaining patches. I am placing my order to 4 bottles now. This product developed a great confidence in me. Thanks to the makers of this product. I am one confident woman now.

Susan Ambrose. New York.

This seriously was the last time, I was going to try anything again. Either this worked or it was the dreaded accutane. That is when Natural Herb Vitiligo oil popped up on my screen. It truly did grab my attention and then I began to read the information. I called a representative to answer a few questions that I had. Well, the ingredients were indeed, herbal. As, I was much fed up of active ingredients in the last product. A purchase was made! The package promptly arrived. I started using it. Day after day,ugly white spots on my neck and back started to fade slowly. After about 2 months of consistent use, my skin clour is nearly about to come back. And I have you to thank for it! I am very excited that Natural Herbs oil is affordable and it really works. Now, I have ordered more oil for my skin perfectly clear. I am waiting for your oil, to complete my treatment. Thanks.

Nikki Hubert, Las Vegas, US.



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