What are the cause of vitiligo?

What causes vitiligo has been known to medical research for about 75 years, and doctors of that time knew how to cure vitiligo without skin treatments of any kind by simple and effective means available to them.

That real medical research on vitiligo was corroborated and expanded upon by four subsequent generations of MD's, and the cause and cure of vitiligo has consequently become crystal clear and medically obvious. That information, which allows a person to cure himself, is not known to the lay public, and is seemingly not known to current medical practitioners who have minimal knowledge of their own profession.

The cause of vitiligo is not known, but doctors and researchers have several different theories. One theory is that people develop antibodies that destroy the melanocytes in their own bodies. Another theory is that melanocytes destroy themselves. Finally, some people have reported that a single event such as sunburn or emotional distress triggered vitiligo; however, these events have not been scientifically proven to cause vitiligo.

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